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Project Description
Data Access Engine (DAE) is an open source and free .NET component to access all popular DBMSs such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft Access, SQLite and databases that connected by ODBC. DAE helps to connect different DBMSs at the same time. It also reduces delivery line of code (DLOC) in programming. DAE is created by Visual Studio 2010 and it is compatible with .NET Framework 4. DAE did not use non-support library such as "System.Data.OracleClient". This project is supported by International Academic Military Club (IAMC)

  • Connecting to different types of DBMSs at a same time.
  • Reducing DLOC of ADO.NET program.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy perform multithreading in data communication.
  • Making a better access to all .NET data providers.
  • Making easy access to necessary and administration SQL commands in to the .NET application.
  • DBMS semi-detection
  • Increase reusability in the application

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